Redheads & Freckles Fun Facts

   I started out life with glow in the dark orange hair. It made me stand out like a sore thumb. Being the target of everyone’s (jealous) folly, I soon became defensive, then down right pugnacious. With time my hair mellowed, and so did I. As with everything that slips away, I now have a greater appreciation for red hair, thus this web site and my interest in photographing kindred spirits.

  As for freckles, I’ve got them big time. The only way you get freckles (angel kisses) is to earn them by over exposure to the sun (sun burn). If you think redheads are rare, wait a generation or so. With all the concern with ultraviolet radiation freckles may vanish from sight.

So,,,if you have red hair & or freckle, flaunt it!!!!!!

  Some say the red gene we carry has been passed down from the Picts, original inhabitants of Scotland, & Ireland. Others feel it was folks like Eric the Red who did a marvelous job of spreading the wealth through out Europe and the Mediterranean.

  Our red gene will skip a generation or two. Mother Nature knows how special we are, and doesn’t want to ruin a good thing.

If you’re a redhead, then you are in fine company. Here is a short list of some of our kin. Do you have a suggestion for this list please e-mail and I will add it. 

Hi there,
I'm a redheaded/freckle faced fourteen-year-old and I stumbled upon your funky site today. I saw your list of famous redheads and I thought you might like to add Sir Thomas Henry Kavanagh. He was one of the first civilians to ever be rewarded with the Victorian Cross for his bravery in one of the British wars. If you'd like to look him up, he's in Wikipedia and other various sites such as this: - He's actually my great, great grandfather (we're pretty sure it's only two 'greats' but we've no idea really). Anyway, I think he's an awesome redhead! Good luck with your website =]
Holly M.

Vajrayogini quintessential goddess of the Tibetan Panteon Scathach, the queen of the Isle of Skye Bonnie Wright Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter  King Arthur  Boudica  Jane Jetson from the cartoon  Kris Kringle and Mrs Clause  Princess Ariel  Napoleon Bonaparte  Eric the Red  Vincent Van Gogh  William Blake  Maureen O'Hara George Bernard Shaw  Wilma Flintstone Pippi Longstocking  Cleopatra  Christopher Columbus  Emily Dickinson  William Shakespeare  Carol Burnett  Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme  D.H. Lawrence  Ginger Baker  Winston Churchill  Anne of Green Gables  Mary Queen of Scots  Spencer Tracy  Pebbles Flintstone  Bette Davis  Thomas Jefferson William the Conqueror  Greer Garson  George Washington   John Glenn  Galileo  Doug Barber  Sarah Bernhardt  Lucille Ball   Red Buttons  Arthur Godfrey  Stan Laurel  Conan O'Brien Queen Elizabeth I  Sarah Ferguson  Henry II  Howdy Doody Henry VIII   Susan Sarandon  Sinclair Lewis  James Cagney  Queen Victoria  Mark Twain  Woody Allen  Raggedy Ann & Abdy  Susan Hayward  Danny Kaye  Christopher Columbus  Katherine Hepburn  Ron Howard Clifford  Deborah Kerr  Shirley MacLaine  Lord Byron  Darren McGavin  Bette Midler  Marilyn Monroe  Robert Redford  Julia Roberts  Ginger Rogers  Red Skelton Spencer Tracy  Jack Warden  Ezra Pound   Rita Hayworth  Nichole Kidman  Clare Danes Stephanie Seymour  Jo Dee Messina  The Judds  Reba McEntire Molly Ringwald  Ann Margret   Bonnie Rait  Alexander The Great   Drew Barrymore  Angie Everheart  David Caruso  Eric Stoltz  William H. Macy   Julianne Moore  William Clark (of Lewis and Clark)  Clifford (Big Red Dog)  Tom Robbins "Still Life With Woodpecker"  Albrect Durer  Danny Bonnaducci  Antonio Vivaldi  Brianna Lee  Heaven Leigh Alyson Hannigan (Willow in Buffy th vampire slayer) Seth Green (Oz In buffy the vampire slayer)  Tori Amos  Kate Winslet  Axl Rose of Guns in Roses  King David  Miranda Otto Robin Christopher Melissa Archer Jacklyn Zeman Debra Messing Princess Fiona from Shrek Rupert Grint Amy Davidson Amy Yasbeck Clay Akin Alex Kingston Sylvia Browne Lindsay Lohan Sara Rue Sharon Lawrence Lauren Holly Tracy Griffith Robin Strasser Patricia Elliott Hillary B. Smith John F. Kennedy Sharon Osborne Cynthia Nixon Bernadette Peters Joy Philbin Kathie Lee Gifford Toni Collette Kathy Brier Joy Behar Bebe Buell Marg Helgenberger Gillian Anderson  Sarah Mclachlan  Kelly Osbourne  Lena Katina   Cleopatra  Diane Lane  Sissy Spacek  Axl Rose  Lindsay Lohan Julianne Moore Myrna Loy  Van Johnson  Tina Louise  Debra Messing   Marilu Henner  Mark McGwire  Ramses II Quinn O'Hara  Jane Monheit Adam Savage of Mythbusters



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