I'd like to send you a picture of my family. I'm the smallest in the trio of redheads in the middle. We all love our red hair, and my older sister, who has brown-blonde hair has always been jealous of it! We got all the attention that she wanted as kids. Neither of my parents have red hair, although my dad had a reddish beard before it started to gray (he is on the far right of the picture). My husband also has red facial hair (he is beside my dad). I'm hoping to one day have at least one redhead child, hopefully with my husband's blue eyes and freckles! My entire family has green eyes, and it seems everyone else has more freckles than me!
Anyway, I love looking at the photos of redheads in your gallery from everywhere in the world. I recently heard someone say derogatively that red hair is a mutation, like that's something disgusting, but I think it's an amazing thing. It seems I have been lucky and have gotten mostly positive attention for my hair in my lifetime. It makes me feel sad that some people are treated badly because their beautiful appearance is unusual.


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