I came across your site by accident. I love it. I am not in your area but love the site. Both my parents have brown hair and when asked where I got my beautiful red hair that I got it from the milkman. I thought I was the only one who said that. When I was 15 a Greek man told me that Redheads were a gift from the gods. He said way back when the Blondes were concubines. Brunettes were slaves, and Redheads were worshiped. I liked that idea and it has been my saying ever since. My children have red highlights and two of my grandchildren are Redheads. I have always been very proud to have red hair, my Great Grandmother was the last Redhead in our family until me, and her and I were very close until she passed. I love my Scotch-Irish heritage, kilts make me week in the knees, lol. Anyway just wanted to let you know how much I like your site. If you dont mind Im attaching a photo taken of me while I was visiting my daughter in Alaska. Thanks for all you do   Tamera Maher

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