Hello Doug, I stumbled upon your website and have really enjoyed reading through it. I have stories for you and a pic.
My Grandmother, who had red hair, had 3 daughters. The oldest had black hair like her father, the second had red hair, and the third (my Mother) had blond hair. My aunt with the red hair had 4 daughters, non with red hair. Whenever we'd all go somewhere strangers thought I belonged to my aunt and that my cousins belonged to my mother. My 2 older brothers had dark hair so naturally everyone asked where my hair came from. Like many of the other comments on your website, the most popular answer from my family was the milkman.
Once when I was a young adult I was in the store with my mother and we just happened to pass by the hair dye. I went to where the red dye was and loudly said, "Now which color did I use this last time?" You should have seen the women tripping over each other to see which one it was.

I often had people ask me if I dye my hair and if so, what color I use. I always tell them that only God had the color number on my head.

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