Hi Doug,

My name is Shannon, and all I can say is…..
Really great website, made me smile ?
I can relate 100%
All the comments and hair touching;
Jokes, teasing and nicknames;
Remarks about my red hair, blue eyes and dimples;
What a naughty girl I must be and apparently still am….
Older women wanting my hair and skin, older men saying if they were only 20 years younger, men of all ages, just wanting to find out if the “rumours” are true;
My temper, the glint in my eye, the need to be mischievous and my general overall behaviour….all stems back to the red hair…..APPARENTLY….

I have two blonde sisters’….who have never been naughty a day in their lives….me on the other hand, well, maybe the less said ?…
But my parents’ have often put it down to….MY RED HAIR….!!!
Maybe, maybe not….it has been suggested the fact that I am a red head and perhaps the middle child, can’t quite help matters…..!!!!

 Either way; I embrace being a GINGER, along with my freckles, super thick and curly hair (Which I straighten on occasion), milky white skin, bad temper, and the gift we red heads have, to keep life interesting!!!!!

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