auburn in the sunlight
Hi Doug!

I came across your website while looking for red head quotes. What a fun site! My dear Grandma, Bessie McBride (1915-2005) was a true redhead with freckles. No one ever knew where her curly red hair came from. She had hoped one of her three children might inherit her red hair but they all had brown hair. Out of her eight grandchildren my cousin was a strawberry blonde and I have dark auburn…grandma was so proud. While my hair wasn’t “carrot-top” red, people stopped me every time I was out to ask about my hair “is that color natural?”, etc. Often my nickname by teachers and other adults was “red”. I was teased about my freckles by the kids in my class but growing up with freckles never bothered me. I always felt somewhat proud of my “copper penny” colored hair and freckles and hoped one of my children might inherit some of the red…I guess it will skip a generation!



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