Hi, my names Belinda, I'm nearly 15, and i live in Australia.
i came across your site and thought I'd send in a picture or two.
i get payed out heaps about my hair and the bullying has made who i am now; extremely shy and self conscious
the names don't hurt anymore, its just annoying more than anything,
I'm sure that most redheads know what its like to have the urge to punch judgmental people in the face,
i shouldn't have to explain. hehe =]
well despite all that i love my hair and would never dye it for someone else's satisfaction.
they can freakin' deal with it! =]
i like being different without having to try,
when theres teens everywhere trying to stand out with different clothing a piercings etc,
when i can stand out even while I'm just wearing black and white.
but then again i am also pretty tall; over six foot.

well, there you have it, my life story :P

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