And so proud of it!!!

Just found your site and I  love it!!!

Was thinking maybe u  like to ad a pic of me in ur
site! I am natural red head!( me and my of them!) and bothe grand ma was red haire too!

Just love the red haire and will allways be proud of it!

was just wanted to send also a nice poem  written by a ginger  woman

Rose Miller
Crowning Glory

When I was just a little girl
Six years old or so
I made myself a promise
That no one else would know

I will not let them beat me
They will not put me down
I'll play king of the castle
And one day I'll wear the crown

'Ginger, you're barmy'
They used to say to me
'You ought to join the army
And eat ginger nuts for tea'

They made a ring around me
Their faces wild, their noses crusty
'Your mummy left you in the rain
And now you've gone all rusty'

'Sticks and stones will break my bones'
I turn to them and said
So they they started throwing sticks and stones
And one of them split my head

As time went by
I learned to cope
I dreamt of that crown
I lived in hope

And then one day I triumphed
It was a warm and sunny day
A crown was placed upon my head
I was the queen of the May

And now I'm so much older
I can turn to them and say
'Do you remember when I was six
When I was queen of the May'


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