Hey, me again,
I was just reading through some of the "red head" quote things under the pictures... like 65% of them say that they were at one time ashamed of their red hair!!! I cannot fathom that! I have always loved standing out, and my red hair helps all the more! I'm not all that freckledy (yeah, I made that word up just now) but I have them on my knees and nose. I love my hair, my complexion, and overall, my individuality. I went to Cancun when I was seven and people absolutely gawked. Even then, almost eleven years ago, I understood that that was either jealousy (in a good way) or curiosity, both of which made me adore my hair even more. Plus, it makes you stand out- thus more attention- which leads to meeting new people, which leads to learning and adventures and laughter and love. I wish all redheads felt this way. As few and far between as we all are, if we became confident in our beauty, we'd be envied by all!


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