My name is Maree Swann and I have both red hair and freckles.... but alas
donít live in the Maryland area. However I was wondering if my photo could be concluded in the rouge gallery.

As the only red head in my local area growing up, it came as quite a shock, when moving to the city I realized there so many more of us "redheads". After enduring the name calling as a child I've finally decided that being a redhead isnít so bad at all. And I wouldn't swap it for the world..... oh ok on the odd occasion perhaps. However I donít think many other people would be stopped in the supermarkets or street to be asked if their hair colour is natural or told that its beautiful. And if I had a dollar for every time I've been told "I wish I had your hair colour" then I wouldnít have to be working part time to pay of my university fees. I think these little things are worth it.

I have three little cousins all with read hair, and I hope that they too
will be able to appreciate it the way I have become to.
Maree Swann


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