Love the web site!! Wow!! There are some really gorgeous redheads out there!! You just don't see them everyday. I am an oddity, not just in my community, but in my family as well. I am mostly Bohemian, so everyone in my family has really dark features. They say there is some English blood on my maternal grandmother's side, so something got in my gene pool, but I am thankful!! Though I felt like a freak growing up, I have come to love my uniqueness and would never consider changing a thing about my hair now!! My 3 sons are all either blonde or dark haired... so I can't wait to pass on the "freak" gene to my grandchildren or great grandchildren some day!! It's ironic though... growing up, I hated my hair, but now that I've finally come to appreciate it, it's starting to fade out! I'm scared to death that there will never be a color of dye that comes close to my natural color! My hair dresser is already working on it, not just for me, but for the women she claims come in and ask for "Jennifer's color". Another irony. Same women who probably teased me growing up. LOL!
Thanks for dedicating a space just for us! I really wish I lived in your area, I would love to be photographed by you!!! Your work is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! 
Jennifer U


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St. pat_2000224


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