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Dear Doug,   I am a hardcore fan of your website! When I was little I was teased allll the time, and because of this, I started to view my red hair as a negative and abnormal attribute. Now that I am older, I am still getting a lot of attention because of my hair, but it is totally positive! I have everyone from grandparents to children telling me how much they love it. It always gets a double take from people.    Funny story, when i was a junior in high school...maybe 7 years ago now (I'm 23), my school choir took a trip to Italy. We were in the Vatican because the Pope was giving an audience that day.  When it was all over, and we were leaving, a little Italian girl who was there with her own school, saw me walk by her and instinctively reached out to grab a piece of my hair! She held it up, laughed and said something along the lines of, "Wow, rosso!", which I suppose means, "wow, red!". At the time, I thought she was making fun of me....I was still insecure and self conscious about it, but now I like to think she had just never seen hair that color before and was just surprised.Ok, before i babble anymore i am sending you my picture..i hope you can use it.Keep up the site! It's beautiful and so is everyone on it!!Sincerely,Ally

This picture of me is with straight hair, though at the time of my Vatican incident, I used to do my hair curly.

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