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Hi Doug,
Just came across your site, and i think its hillarious. A "free-haven" for redheads
Someone asked me something about why we have freckles...uhm I dunno??? ...gene thing I know now, thats how i came to your site. Never ever saw them as a problem by the way. Only thing they made fun of when growing up was the red hair. Girls that used too made fun of it (growing up) now dye it red themselves.  But you have noticed that 2 probably.
I have a pic of myself thought you might like it 4 your gallery. As you can see, Im a true redhead. And proud of it!!!
About myself: 25 yrs old living in Holland....Picture was taken on a boat in San Francisco-bay(last summer). And I should have used sunblock, allthough it was cold on the water, but thats something you allways find out when its too late, right? .
Leaves me too say good luck with your site,
Arnoud Thoma

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