CaseyWhittington Barber

Casey W. Barber
7007 Boston Avenue                                                                                 North Beach, Maryland 20714

February 8, 2003

Personal Statement

   I am 16 years old and in my junior year at Southern Senior High School in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. I am a member of the National Art Honor Society, our school’s art club, the tech group for our drama department, and editor of Prism, our highschool literary magazine. I am also participating in the Anne Arundel County School’s Gifted and Talented Art Program for the second year.

   What does art mean to me. Everything. I come from a family full of artists. My father is a freelance photographer, my grandmother is a ceramic sculptor, my grandfather designs & builds wood furniture, my uncle is a painter and illustrator, and my aunt has her masters degree in art history. I have grown up in a house full of artists and artwork. As for me, I love to paint with oils. Currently, I am painting the female figure. Painting the female figure has helped me to accept my own body and sexuality.

   I want to attend MICA’s residential pre-college program for several reasons. I want to combine my artistic interest with counseling, so I am interested in art therapy. I am hoping this program will help me with my decision on whether to attend a liberal arts college with a strong psychology and art department or to attend an art college such as MICA.

   I am particularly interested in your program because my family has a long association with MICA. My father is a graduate. My mother was a sculpture major at MICA until she transferred to University of Baltimore and majored in business. Both grandparents have taken sculpture and wood working classes, and I have taken two of the young artist classes. My grandparents lived in Bolton Hill for years behind the MICA dorms. I remember when the dorms were built, and then watching with fascination, the MICA students walking back and forth to school with their art work.

   I have taken several art classes but I want the opportunity to experience an environment that exist solely for art. I am excited about exchanging ideas with other artists. I want to learn more about myself, my artwork and how others see my work. I love the idea of living  with other people who are struggling like me, to express their ideas and feelings in art.   

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